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James Fenner | on Tumblr (USA)

James Fenner is a freelance illustrator who has studied Media Art and Animation at The Art Institute Of Portland, in Oregon. His illustration is a harmonious mix of graphite and digital techniques, distinguished by its dreamlike approach and whimsical sets. Fenner is an aspiring editorial illustrator, most of his pieces tell their own tale, and the characters he depicts are more protagonists of a larger story than simple subjects. (cf. Fresh&Bold)

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[more James Fenner | artist found at septagonstudios]

Soooo, I watched the dub for JoJo’s Stardust Crusaders and its actually a lot of fun! I didn’t think I’d find Jojo’s that funny, but each episode has enough, er, bizarre stuff in it that I laugh quite a bit. I enjoyed it so much that I… I just watched all the episodes and then went back and watched Jojo’s part one in the span of about 4 days.  Part one isn’t quite as fun as Stardust Crusaders, but that’s only because its a lot less silly. I’m about to start Jojo’s part II though which means Joseph Joestar is finally in the story!!! Yeah!

I’m really diggin’ the neon color pallets that JoJo’s switches from time to time too. And how all of the main characters are a good foot taller than non-important characters. Also getting a kick out of having Roundabout and Walk Like an Egyptian as Ending Songs.